Something About This Place

by fourth-year Anna Wilson

The city of Athens has long evoked feelings of nostalgia in both its past and present residents, who find themselves lost in a world of memories. UGA is a place that has taken over my senses, and played an instrumental part in my transition into adulthood. I have slowly learned the ins and outs of this campus during my time here. I know exactly which buildings are over-air-conditioned, and I know that it is significantly cheaper to buy coffee from Tate than from the library. I also know that the steps become steeper between the second and third floors of LeConte. I know which doors you must enter to access certain parts of Baldwin and Park Hall. I know exactly how long it takes to walk from North Campus to South Campus, and the shortest possible path to get there. I know the rough area to stand in so the bus doors open perfectly in front of you, and for some reason I know there is a solar panel in the back of the cemetery right beside Baldwin. I have learned the ins and outs of this place.

While this place seems unchanged in my mind, I am aware that it is constantly changing, always looking ahead for the next group of people to make this place their home. For instance, Brumby is for boys. Less people call the SLC by the name I learned, and instead call it by its actual name, the MLC. There is an entire Health Science Campus that did not exist a few years ago, a Special Collections Library, and new construction on a new Terry building. What is ‘New Bolton’ to me is just ‘Bolton’ to the incoming freshmen, and no longer will people remember where it used to be. It is amazing how a place can change in a short period of time; I can only imagine how this place looks to someone who attended UGA here many years ago. Each year people cycle in and cycle out, and at some point this physical place becomes part of our sense of self. It is in the unforgiving hills and seemingly unending series of stairs that this place has become something truly special.


photo by Hannah Pap Rocki