Energizer Bunny

by third-year Damian C. Reynolds

When I began my job as a resident assistant, my supervisor constantly told me to take care of myself and “recharge [my] batteries.” My pride always told her, “I’m fine,” and I believed I would be. Then, one day, I closed my door and had a mental breakdown. Although I now have ways to recharge my batteries, I was curious how other college students do the same.

When I posed the question to my coworkers and friends, I received common themes of exercise, sleep, and of course, the almighty Netflix. However, some answers caught me by surprise. One of my coworkers said she rides horses to de-stress, which she has done since she was eight. When I asked why, she said that she finds nature calming: “When I’m getting all hung up in life, just going outside helps me realize that there are more important things.”

Another surprising answer came from a good friend who told me that she grabs a book, gets rid of her phone, and reads the book from cover to cover. “It’s the best way for me to clear my mind. [It keeps] me from overthinking things…If I’m not thinking about it then I can’t stress about it,” she told me.

Everyone finds their own way to de-stress. Like most people, I relax by way of writing, exercise, and sleep, but basketball is my primary de-stressor. After I had my mental breakdown, I decided to grab my basketball and shoot for a few minutes around midnight. A few minutes turned into thirty. Thirty minutes turned into an hour. When I finally finished, my clock read 1:30 AM. I’ll still take midnight trips to the Russell basketball courts to relax my mind and free myself of troubles.

As college students, we all have rigorous schedules. Not every passing moment will be breezy. School takes a toll on the body mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes, the best option is to breathe, relax, and recharge.


photo by Mark Taylor