The Chapel Bell is a publication on UGA’s campus. Beginning Spring 2011 TCB has a purpose to “inspire and motivate UGA students by publishing exciting and meaningful stories about events and people on campus that matter to you.”

The Chapel Bell is not just another campus publication; it is a response to UGA students who have found themselves falling into a monotonous routine week after week, and are desperate for a swig of the guaranteed remedy for a parched life—inspiration.  Now, let’s be honest, to be inspired is one thing, but to actually act on that inspiration requires more effort than most people are typically inclined to give.  Not only do we at TCB understand that, but we share those same tendencies, and that is why we have created The Chapel Bell: to serve as a map of unfamiliar avenues of involvement and overlooked treasures on UGA’s campus.

So, if you feel like your life is not counting for anyone besides yourself, but you don’t feel guilty enough to make the effort to find something to contribute to, we have got you taken care of.  Still not convinced?  Look at it this way: your life is a lone candle in a dark room.  If you decide to keep your flame to yourself, you may add aesthetic appeal, but in the end you will not provide nearly enough light to illuminate a room.

Now, let’s say you have a change of heart, and decide to risk extinguishing your precious flame in order to ignite the wicks of other unlit candles. Slowly, but surely, the candles that you sacrifice to light will combine to cast enough light for an entire room. This combination of burning candles could be so bright that it reveals things in the surrounding room that the world has never seen or thought to examine before.

So, we at The Chapel Bell say let yourself risk being inspired. It has the potential to be dangerous or require you to leave behind your comfort zone, but then what is our life when we have not harnessed our inner flame to kindle others?

There’s no telling what an illuminated room could do to change a life, a campus, a culture.